Why does not the child like certain food? Perhaps because the food is strange in colour and it looks weird? Or because he/she has not tasted yet? IS THE SAME TO THE ELECTRIC CARS?

When I ask people: “What do you think about electric cars?” – I usually get very similar answers, which I can divide into two groups.

In first (1.) are those responses that indicate that electric cars are still too expensive. I agree very much, if we are talking about the purchase price of the car. When we are talking about the costs of using an electric car, which are just a few cents/km for an electric car, and for a comparable conventional car, a few dozen cents/km – it is different.  The fact is that an electric car is cheaper at the time of use! Already today, there are quite a few electric models on the market. The number of electric cars will rise and rise; all EU countries offer subsidies to buy an electric car; countries are adopting policies to limit polluting vehicles, etc. I believe – this is an additional pressure on the purchase price of electric cars, which will only fall.

In the second group (2.) of responses, they relate to the “range” of electric vehicles, which, according to the majority, are too short. But (!) here I have to put myself in the electric car rails. All research around the world, as well as research carried out at the Faculty of Logistics UM, show that the average daily travel distance of most people is between 30 and 50km. Therefore, this complaint is unjustified. Today, most of the new electric cars, even in winter conditions, with a single charge “can drive” 150km and more. I agree that an electric car cannot “satisfy” everyone and satisfy all requirements. People have different travel needs and habits, but with great certainty, I can claim that most of us “fall” into that group with average driving habits. My prediction is that an electric car will be (very soon) an alternative to many second, family cars, which are on average used only within cities. Research also shows that a large percentage of other family cars, in major European cities, never leave the city ring.

I wrote this article with a parental experience about persuading (my) children, about healthy food, which is often not the most beautiful colour, and at the same time wondering why, when talking about electric cars, such scepticism is felt in the air. In addition, what is even more ironic? Many of the people I have talked to and have so much to say against (electric cars), to the question of – whether they have already driven an electric car, answered: “No!” Interesting, isn’t it?

Therefore – how should a child know the taste of food if he/she has never taste it? Very difficult, right?

So appeal to anyone who does not believe in electric cars and maybe (yet) do not know that there are currently tectonic movements in the automotive industry, also due to the development of technologies and the integration of electric cars. The electric car is really (still) too expensive and may not yet “satisfy” purely all drivers, (!) but – it is a nice car, quiet, ever-more beautiful shapes and colours, with great acceleration and good driving characteristics – and at the same time very environmentally friendly.

So, go to the test drive! You will enjoy it!

Moreover, appeal to all dealers who sell electric cars. An electric car should be your additional offer, your extra opportunity to get closer to new (green) customers. Educate your sellers, get closer and introduce your electric car to all customers as a possible alternative, using new innovative approaches and telling them that the electric car is a small marginal trend that will soon turn into something bigger and will be very cool.

So much for today, more in the future. I wish you many safe and Eco-friendly miles!

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